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Corey Alston & All Things Gulla llc.

Corey Alston is a direct ancestor of a Gullah Geechee family that has been making meals and weaving traditional sweetgrass baskets for nearly five generations. His most recent and largest piece is currently at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
Corey is offering a cultural Gullah Geechee experience for 10-12 people. He will come to your home with his baskets, art, local seafood ingredients and his enormous pot to make a delicious Frogmore Stew. During the Evening, guests will learn 4 aspects of the Gullah Culture: History of the People, Speaking the Language, a Lesson in Weaving and an Amazing Meal.
All guests will have the opportunity to purchase Corey’s baskets and art at the end of the evening.
This experience includes all ingredients for Frogmore Stew, the presentation of dinner and presentation on Gullah Geechee Life and Culture.

Coreys Story

Spokesman & Ambassdor
for Gullah Culture

Learn from Corey a 5th generation Gullah Native. Experience History, Culture, Music, Food, Art, and Trades the people of Gullah enjoy today.

Generational Skill

Palmetto Rose Classes

Learn from a 5th Generation Master, Let Corey Alston teach you the basics in a fun weaving class, and Learn to make the popular Palmetto Rose. A staple of the Charleston City Market.

Generational Skill

Print Services

Love Sweetgrass Baskets by Corey but don't have the room? Prints of Corey Alstons' work are available. All Prints are made by Corey Alston and sold directly through him. Custom Prints are available upon request.

Coreys Story

History through Craft

Generational Skill

Community Awareness

Taste of Gullah

Generational Skill