The Gullah Experience

An Experience of Culture, Cuisine, and Craft

What is the Gullah Experience?

A Gullah Experience by Corey Alston is a fun educational party that comes to you. The purpose of the event is to educate, shop, handcraft, and taste the Gullah Culture. The Gullah Geechee family is found along the coast of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. The lifestyles that have been kept alive since days of Enslavement. Corey Alston is a direct descendant of Enslaved Africans now telling their story. He is a five generations Storyteller, Sweetgrass Basket Weaver, and photographer that Currently has one of the Sweetgrass Basket made and now housed at the American Art Museum, Smithsonian and other will-known museums.

This Gullah Experience event is for 15 - 50 people. He is willing to travel to the location you specify with a full Sweetgrass Basket Display, his Sweetgrass Basket Photography, and Powerpoint for groups that need it.

You and others can experience a mouthwatering meal that has been kept alive in the Gullah Culture for generations. This experience of fresh seafood from the area will include, corn, sausage, seasonings, spices, and a sizable pot to prepare this amazing dish with.Guests will gain knowledge of five aspects of Gullah culture throughout the evening, the history of the people, knowledge of the language, traditions and superstition, a lesson on how to make Palmetto Roses, and at the end an incredible meal. At the Conclusion of the evening, all visitors will have the chance to purchase Corey’s artwork and have Q&A.

The Experience Breakdown

Experience the Tradition of
Craft & Cuisine
15-50 Guest

Who Is This Experience For ?

Who and Where

The Gullah Experience is for everyone!
Corporate groups, Schools,
Community Events,
Cookouts, And Family Reunions.

Gullah On The Go

Have the Gullah Culture brought to your Community.
Willing to Travel to You.

Educational Seminars

Educating in Cultural & Historical Arts and Traditions.
Promotes Cultural Inclusion, and Professional Development

The Gullah Experience Through Photo

See my work and others enjoying the Gullah Experience